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Here’s my dirty little secret. I have $29,000 in student debt. The good kind right? From this point in my life, accepting student loans at 17 was probably not a good idea. Though proud of the letters behind my name (that’s BA, MA and RYT… just sayin’) I wish I had a Shannon Simmons by my side while I drank and travelled myself into dark holes of debt during my late teens.

I want to be debt free and damn, I would love to own something. Since 22, I have not accumulated a cent of credit card debt that I haven’t paid off within a month. But I also haven’t paid off my student loans. I intend to wash this nasty pileup away and replace debt tendencies with savings.

Goal: Travel Canada without going into debt. Save $20.00 a day in addition to my current savings strategy to finance the best damn trip of my life without money guilt. Set up a plan to repay my student loan and learn to confidently charge what I’m worth without exception in my own business.


“You are so zen on the outside but on the inside there is a wild storm”. These were the words of a worthy of husbandry character that entered my life briefly after my last breakup. While I fell fast and furious into obsessive, attached, emotional mode (think telenovela mistress) he stood still and watched this feminine wild-woman dance around him. Not for long though, because that boy, he ran like hell, and I ran home alone to a tub of Coconut Bliss ice cream. This storm is my “mind piece”. Often wrought with ego, indecision, fear (of both success and failure, but mostly of ‘being’ a writer), insecurity and low self-worth, Jordana has been a stronghold reminder of my true dharma and value.

Goal: Learn to love myself, unfuckingconditionally, and practice on the road. To accept nothing other than being loved unfuckingconditionally by those I invite into my heart. Meditate every day.


Six years ago I was 30 pounds heavier, super insecure and an undiagnosed celiac. I made out with boys to make myself feel prettier and better about myself (uhh… sometimes I still do :P). During a year in British Colombia, I redefined my relationship with food and body. Everyone ate organic, knew the birthplace of their veggies, the names of the meat they ate, ditched toxic chemicals and did yoga. My West Coast boyfriend brought me a bouquet of elegant kale rather than flowers. This was the best bandwagon I ever, EVER, jumped on. I’ve since reclaimed my body and feel mostly confident and comfortable in my skin. But this is a practice, an ongoing battle even though I live in yogaland.

Goal: Practice yoga every day while on the road. Eat organic, healthy food.

I’m excited and intrigued to see what 10 highly intentional days of yoga, meditation, saving and paying off debt can lead to. Supported by the best coaches around, I will emerge from this adventure with a renewed approach to relationships with myself, my friends, lovers, family and of course, cash money.





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  1. Wow! That is an awesome burden. All the very best in getting rid of it and so much easier when you keep learning and experiencing new things along the way and maybe using them to give you new ideas – the saying there’s more than one way to skin a cat is awful but true. If we always do things the same we get the same results. All the best!


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