Eating Healthy on the Road

Buy veggie, pull over, homemade salad time.

Buy veggies, pull over, excitedly create a killer homemade salad.

I have successfully driven from Toronto to California and back three times without EVER having to succumb to the temptations of the likes of McDonalds, Burger King, Tim Hortons, A & W and their likeminded hyper-processed fast foodie friends. Despite being celiac and pseudo-vegetarian I firmly believe it is possible to coast this country without casting on weight and belly blues.

My goal is to keep my body happy and healthy despite 6 hours on the road and I have some cheeky tips on just how to make that happen

  1. Food Prep before we go= One giant cooler filled with:
  • Homemade hummus: chickpeas, salt, tahini, pepper, olive oil and lemon for the win! Some carrots, broccoli and chips to dip!
  • Homemade salad including olives, feta, avocado, red peppers, hemp seeds and a side jar of olive oil and balsamic dressing.
  • Home-cooked chicken well wrapped for day 1 & 2
  • Yogurt & gluten free granola
  • Homemade flax crackers
  • A loaf of gluten free bread and homemade apple jam from our family harvest before departure
  1. Whole Foods. I have buffered my budget enough to splurge on the essentials for on the road healthy eating.
  • Read the Dirty Dozen by Environmental Defense Canada for a list of the most chemically sprayed foods and spend your organic budget on these guys.
  1. Protein Fixes: Vega protein powder popped into my water, spinach, hempseeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, you name it.
  2. Home cooked foods. For each air-bnb and hostel stay, we can not only save a whack of money but also enjoy the craft of cooking together by tacking stranger’s kitchens around the globe. This might be the most exciting part of the entire adventure for me.
  3. My cheat? French-fry trucks. Almost always made with local potatoes and no processed ingredients, for a good tummy filler, this is the way to go.

Got some tips on how to survive on the road without sacrificing your health? Know some kick-ass cafes along the Hwy?

Let us know!

With Love,



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