We love answering your questions.

So here are some of our answers to your frequent (and our fave) questions about our retreats.

Read on, Sista!

Is this a naked retreat? 

Depends on your definition of naked…. but seriously, no. It is naked in the sense that you will BARE ALL – get down through the superficial layer you present to the world, and expose the real and authentic you. We do this through movement, through coaching and through practical problem solving.


Why is it only for women? 

At this point in time, Bare All, is designed as a safe space for women to connect and open their hearts, minds and souls to one another. Some of the financial, life coaching and energetic workshops may put you in a very vulnerable position and as women ourselves, we best identify with other women when working through these pieces of our lives. In saying that, we will be hosting co-ed retreats in the near future, so stay tuned by signing up to our email list here:  Stay in the Know


What if I don’t want to do all of the workshops? Can I still come?

The power of Bare All retreats is the comprehensive nature of our financial, life coaching, energy work and yoga practice. We have strategically build our itineraries to unite each of these (in combination with some free time) so you leave with a plethora of strategies and actions for your future. And trust us, when Shannon is banging out your money situation, you are going to need some deep pranayama to keep cool!


Can I bring a friend?

Of course! The more the merrier! Our inaugural retreat set the stage for Bare All as “Girls weekend meets life overhaul”. Often people feel more comfortable with friends and sometimes it is way more fun. In saying that, we often have women attend alone and they leave with a load of new friends and a ton of insights drawn from the private reflection of the work we do.


Where did this idea come from?

One of our beloved mutual clients suggested that the three of us meet and said “If you host a retreat, I will be there with bells on”. The seed was planted. When the three of us met it was instant soul-sisterhood. We began as one another’s clients, trading our services. Before long, the three of us realized that we have never in our lives worked so well with anyone!

Together, we offer a dynamic unlike any other. From the wild hippie yogi to the the peaceful wise one and the practical business-savvy lady, you will see a bit of yourself in each of us; and always have someone at your disposal to call on.


How do we get to the retreats?

We are all urban gals and we get that having a car downtown isn’t always an option. Some retreats we provide transportation, others we set up carpooling or vans to help you out. We believe in possibility and if there is something holding you back from this life changing opportunity, reach out and we will do what we can to help you get “naked.”


Will you host a private Bare All Weekend/Day for my friends?

What better way to bond with friends, we always say! Hit our contact page at the top of the screen for more info on rates/etc. We are happy to work with you to create an amazing weekend together that you and your friends will love.