Open Gratitude Letter – Part 1

Open Gratitude Letter – Part 1

Dear Hostelling International,

You have blown us away. Escorting us from the wrath of 12 hour drives and into the warmth of your hostels was a priceless gift during these ten days on the road. We were welcomed with smiling faces of inspiring folks that have wandered and wondered as we have on this trip. At HI-Banff Alpine, we dropped into a dream. Your cozy cabin like rooms in the middle of nature were just the medicine we needed. We rolled out our yoga mats in your cozy common rooms and flowed through vinyasas and asanas while beautiful people from around the world watched foreign films, laughed over tea and conversed about life on the road. When we got caught in a treacherous rainstorm on the Sea to Sky highway we were blessed with beds overlooking the mountains in a quiet and comfortable Whistler retreat.

There is little more precious than the gifts we receive from the people who believe in the work that we do. You have made this trip possible and for that, we thank you, from Toronto to Vancouver Island and beyond.


Ashley, Shannon and Jordana

Bare All


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