prairie love

prairie love

The first time I started chanting I didn’t know what I was doing. I knew about mantras from yoga, but I had never actually used my decorative mala beads to do anything other than meditate sometimes and look pretty around my neck.

But when I started repeating mantras out loud, I felt a new release in my body I had never felt before. It felt like magic in my body. I vibrated from the throat all the way down to my belly, and the sensation was pure love and space- like a canvas ready to be painted.

I have a tendency to stay quiet and overly polite in my life and not speak my mind. Somehow this chanting had released the cooped-upness of my own voice and I was converted.

My problem with chanting is it is often reserved for the cottage. I knew it did a lot for me, but my confidence in it was so low that I used every excuse to avoid it (I couldn’t disturb my neighbours, my throat kinda hurt, or some other bullshit). Of course this only created more politeness and need for release than before.

Saskatchewan had a wonderful effect on me during this trip. The vastness and need to sing country music burst open my ability to use my voice, and the three of us decided to chant in a field together while the sun went down. It somehow didn’t just change ourselves, but our ability to communicate to each other (kinda important when you take your threesome business on the road). We were open in a way we hadn’t yet been on this trip, which brought tears and love and hugs and all sorts of wonderful things.

And the meaning of the chant? New beginnings and removing obstacles. Obviously.

As for my confidence, I felt ready to put my voice on video for the first time ever. A big deal for someone who abandoned her love for singing 12 years ago. See it here.

The prairies have an energy to them that none of us expected, but all of us loved. So thank you, SK. You will always be in our hearts.

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